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The Centre for Public Management (CPM) is a division of the Australian Institute of Management Education and Training (AIMET)

The Australian Institute of Management is a not-for-profit entity which invests its annual surpluses in the creation of education products, alternative education distribution channels and learning support materials. The sole purpose of AIM is to promote the advancement of education and learning in the field of management and leadership for commerce, industry and government.

Our vision is to develop better managers and better leaders for a better society.

CPM was acquired by AIM in 2013 and operates as a “stand alone” entity while leveraging AIM’s significant resources. CPM operates from the AIM premises in Canberra with an increasing presence in the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide public sector markets.

CPM is led by Kate Neser, the General Manager, under the direction of Daniel Musson, the CEO of the AIM group. The organisation reports to the Board of the Australian Institute of Management.

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