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Our People

CPM comprises a group or network of 16 senior consultants, most of whom have their own independent consulting businesses and yet who work under the CPM umbrella. All have either previously worked as senior public servants or, prior to joining CPM, consulted extensively to the public sector.

Rod Morrison

Rod Morrison's key areas of focus are leadership, negotiation, performance, project management and business planning. Rod has consulted to numerous public sector agencies and private sector companies (domestically and internationally) over the past 15 years. more...

Dianne van Meegen

Dianne van Meegen is a highly experienced and skilled facilitator and coach in areas such as leadership, learning, organisational and personal development and stakeholder engagement. She has over 20 years’ experience working with the public and private sectors.more...

Nick Thomson

Dr Nick Thomson has been providing management training and consultancy services in the areas of strategic management and team leadership to a wide range of public sector organisations since 1990. Areas of specialisation include performance management and strategic development. more...

John Castellari

John Castellari specialises in the development and delivery of communication-based programs and facilitates business and strategic planning. John has worked as a consultant, facilitator and trainer since 1987, across a wide range of public sector departments and agencies. more...

Rob Brennan

Rob Brennan has over 25 years’ experience as an Executive Coach, Group Facilitator and Mediator. His professional interest is in generating productive working relationships; and identifying and managing people with difficult behaviours.


Christian Pitsopoulos has worked globally as a leadership development specialist and coach for over 16 years. He has worked extensively in the private and public sectors at executive and senior executive levels.

Renee Mack

Renee Mack is a Senior Consultant with CPM and has worked to build APS management and leadership capability over the past ten years.

Marg O'Malley

Marg O’Malley specialises in creating high performance teams and positive workplace cultures. Margaret’s career spans people management, policy development, change management, stakeholder engagement, education and training. more...

Barry Poppleton

Barry Poppleton specialises in leadership development with a strong interest in executive coaching, mediation and individual performance. He has over 15 years’ consulting experience and was formerly an SES officer in the South African public service. more...

Vanessa Fanning

Vanessa Fanning specialises in coaching executive level staff across the APS. Vanessa was previously CEO of Health Services Australia, a Government Business Enterprise (GBE). Prior to that she was an SES officer in the APS and also held senior private sector positions. more...

Kylie Holyland

Kylie Holyland has over 25 years of public sector experience working with individuals, managers and leaders to maximise individual and organisation performance and to build skill and confidence. As an Executive Coach, Kylie has worked with clients at all levels of public sector organisations and her particular strength is in growing the confidence and capability of individuals, managers and teams to deal with difficult situations and to further their capability, develop new ways of thinking and to take action to improve their work and career performance.

Sally Dooley

Sally Dooley is a leadership, performance and personal development specialist with over 20 years’ experience providing facilitation and coaching across government, private and community sectors. Ally has worked extensively in public sector organisations, facilitating a broad range of leadership, change management, resilience and performance management programs.

Kim Hazendonk

Kim Hazendonk is an experienced clinical neuropsychologist with an advanced understanding of the interplay of cognitions, emotions and behaviour. She combines this with years of experience advising and partnering at senior levels, supporting employees and their organisations to recognise and leverage their strengths to achieve positive outcomes.

Jenni Paradowski

Jenni Paradowski is an organisational and ontological coach. She takes a holistic approach to increasing performance, optimising personal effectiveness and building social capital within teams. This benefits organisations and their staff, who experience greater joy, meaning and fulfillment in their work. more...

Jaki Halliday

Jaki Halliday is a qualified organisational coach and HR professional with both public and private sector management and leadership experience in Australia and the UK. She specialises in providing HR advice, facilitation, leadership skills development, business writing skills training, and executive/ organisational coaching.