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Leading Negotiations

'Leading Negotiations: a masterclass on enhanced negotiating skills for better outcomes' is a two-day program designed for Executive Level 1 and Executive Level 2 (and equivalents).

Whether negotiating simple work-based situations or multi-disciplinary negotiations with external stakeholders, this workshop will provide you with practical skillls and techniques to effectively influence positive outcomes.

The workshop will enable participants to build an understanding of principled negotiation techniques and their application to the workplace; understand how to effect sustainable workplace change through the application of principled negotiation techniques; and to apply enhanced negotiation skills to effect changes both within and outside the workplace.

Program Leader

Program Leaders

The program is presented by Rod Morrison, a CPM consultant with a broad range of experience, in leadership and management development.


Training Venue

CPM Training Venue

The program is run at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) training facilities at 14 Childers Street in the city, Canberra or on organisational premises.

Further Information

Please contact the CPM Office on (02) 6120 1980 or via for more information.