Barry Poppleton
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Barry Poppleton


Barry Poppleton operates both as an independent consultant and under the CPM banner. Barry’s consultancy specialises in organisational development services for both public sector and non-profit organisations, with an emphasis on leadership development, relationship management and diversity management.  

Barry’s areas of competence include leadership development, performance improvement, change management, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, diversity management, learning design and development, team strengthening, stakeholder engagement, business and organisational planning, group facilitation and coaching. 

Industry expertise, experience and areas of specialisation

Barry has over 15 years of consulting experience and has consulted to numerous public service agencies in Australia, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.  Prior to setting up his own company, he was a partner in two public sector management consultancies.  His consultancy experience covers a broad range of people, process and strategy interventions.

First hand public sector experience was gained from serving in the South African public service at the Senior Executive Service (SES) level.  The last role held there involved the management of human resource development across nine government departments in the country’s largest economic province, Gauteng.  Another position held in the public sector was Manager of Organisational Development in the Department of Education, where he oversaw a department-wide culture change intervention.  He also pioneered one of the country’s first affirmative action programmes in this department.

Barry has a wide range of experience in development and facilitation at the Executive Level and Senior Executive Levels.  Examples of developmental work includes the delivery of the EL four-day 'Manager to Leader' program for CPM and the Band 1 and Band 2 Leadership programs for the APSC.

Barry gets most satisfaction from his work through assisting others in their formal and informal development and growth.  The approach he prefers is a mix of providing theory, tools and techniques and then facilitating the application of these in the participants’ context.  His facilitative approach is one of encouraging breakthroughs and insights which shift both individual and group and hence work performance.

Qualifications, Accreditations and Certifications

Formal qualifications held by Barry include a Masters in Public Sector Management, Honours in Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Commerce.  He holds multiple accreditations in personality and behavioural instruments and is an accredited coach and mediator.  Barry also holds qualifications in counselling and strategic leadership.  Barry volunteers for the Red Cross where he mentors teenage fathers.