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Jenni Paradowski


Jenni Paradowski is an organisational and ontological coach. She takes a holistic approach to increasing performance, optimising personal effectiveness and building social capital within teams. This benefits organisations and their staff, who experience greater joy, meaning and fulfillment in their work. Since 2012, Jenni has been coaching public servants including generalists and specialists in a variety of fields such as archiving, aviation, audit, counseling, engineering, epidemiology, human resources, national security, policing, publications, social policy and toxicology.

Jenni’s expertise lies in developing capable and confident middle managers and leaders. Coachees learn how to better align organisational and personal goals, enhance team dynamics, have better quality stakeholder relationships, reduce interpersonal conflict, improve decision-making and more become more effective at dealing with change.

Industry expertise, experience and areas of specialisation

Jenni has over 30 years’ of experience in health, community and public services. Having worked in direct service delivery, policy, regulation and middle management in a variety of portfolios, she has first hand experience in managing the strategic, operational, ethical, relational and cultural challenges faced by managers and their staff. She now coaches others to be adaptable and resilient in complex environments.

Coaching with Jenni may include: effective leadership and management, performance improvement, increasing agility and resilience of individuals and work teams, achieving work-life harmony, career management and/or conflict resolution. Jenni also likes working with new public servants, assisting them to deepen their understanding of how to build long-term, successful public sector careers.

Jenni takes an evidence-based approach to coaching, drawing on research in the cognitive and psychological sciences, along with contemporary literature in management and philosophy. She provides a challenging yet supportive coaching experience, resulting in significant and sustainable shifts in thinking, management and behaviours.

Qualifications, Accreditations and Certifications

Jenni’s coaching qualifications include:

Jenni has also completed training in both the CINERGY™ conflict management model and meditation.