Vanessa Fanning
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Vanessa Fanning


Vanessa is an experienced Executive Coach having worked with over 90 individual clients, many of these being at SES level. Vanessa herself was a Division Head in the Commonwealth Public service for some 12 years and has also worked at top management level in a large publicly listed company in the private sector. Vanessa led Australian delegations in international multilateral and bilateral negotiations across a number of industry sectors and has had a diplomatic posting.

Immediately prior to her career as an Executive Coach, Vanessa was Managing Director and CEO of Health Services Australia, a national Government Business Enterprise in the health sector with a multi-site presence in all states and over 750 multidisciplinary professional staff.  Vanessa held this position for 7 years.

Industry expertise, experience and areas of specialisation

Vanessa’s focus as a coach is to encourage her coaching clients to develop and build on their own authentic management style.  She seeks to provide support in helping managers to identify and build on their strengths, understand the way they influence and relate to peers, supervisors and staff, and understand the sources of conflict in the workplace and how to resolve them.

Vanessa’s coaching style builds on her own successful track record in leading, managing and implementing wide ranging policy, administrative and cultural change, in building cohesive performance-oriented teams and in working at the interface of the private and public sectors.  Vanessa’s particular interest as a coach is to provide support and guidance to executives and senior managers involved in the leadership and management of change in organisations, and in driving superior performance focused around the requirements of stakeholders and clients including Ministers.  She is experienced in working with the tools and techniques for promoting continuous improvement in organisations through aligning goals, values and performance evaluation.

Qualifications, Accreditations and Certifications

Vanessa is a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management and has undertaken several professional development programs in executive coaching, most recently completing the Level 3 program  with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.  She has also served as a non Executive director on several corporate Boards and has provided consultancy services to a number of Government audit committees.

Vanessa has a BA from the University of Melbourne, a B.Ec. from the Australian National University and a Diploma in French Language from the Australian National University.  She is accredited as a level 3 Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and currently runs her own executive coaching and strategic consulting practice.

Vanessa actively pursues ongoing professional development opportunities through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, and attends regular accredited coaching supervision.