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NSW Capability Profile

CPM has built a 360o Feedback Profile designed specifically on the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework.

The NSW Capability Profile has been jointly developed by the Centre for Public Management (CPM) for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). It is a multi-rater 360o feedback tool designed to provide performance and development feedback on a participant’s capabilities in the context of the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework.

The report compares how the participant, their supervisor(s), their colleagues and peers and direct reports perceive the participant's capability against five capability groups and the four capabilities within each group.

Capability groups:

The report also provides an assessment of the level of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

This behavioural feedback is provided in the form of a report that provides guidance on how to develop capabilities and thus improve effectiveness. The profile also includes qualitative feedback in the form of written feedback that provides suggestions for improvement.