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Organisation Profiles

CPM has worked with clients to deliver tailored 360 performance profiles to EL1 and 2 and SES level officers.  Whereas our general performance profiles are based on the Integrated Leadership System (ILS), tailored profiles address a departmental specific competency framework.   Recipients, therefore, receive performance feedback measured according to the specific competencies required in their department, rather than against the general APS wide ILS competency framework. 

CPM is able to develop 360 questionnaires, profiles, briefing and debriefing sessions that focus entirely on departmental performance requirements.  CPM can also provide aggregate and summarised performance data to departmental executives that offers a snapshot of how a particular cohort of officers is performing against the departmental competency framework, and how they may be performing relative to officers at equivalent levels across the APS.

These profiles can also be badged and designed to reflect the department’s own branding using corporate colours and logos.  Tailored profiles are available from APS 5 through to SES band 2 levels.

Analysis of 360° Feedback Data at the Organisational Level

Once a minimum of 100 or more feedback profiles have been processed for an agency, whether of the tailored or standard ELP, TLP and SLP versions, CPM can provide analyses which compare organisational results with service-wide norms. These analyses can be used to identify development needs within an organisation, or to highlight areas of relative importance to help in designing development course outlines.

Please contact our office on 02 6120 1980 to discuss any of these matters further.