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Public Sector Profiles

CPM is an expert in the delivery of 360° feedback tools for the public sector, including through use on our management and leadership development programs. In addition we develop tailored 360° feedback programs for APS organisations.

CPM has developed and utilises seven different 360° feedback profiles. With 10 years’ experience and established norm data based on over 9,000 profiles from over 47,000 different raters accross the public sector, these profiles have a high degree of visibility and are well respected in the public sector.

Five feedback profiles are based on the Integrated Leadership System (ILS), spanning SES, EL and APS levels. Profiles are also available that provide feedback on ‘Emotional and Social Intelligence’ and ‘Strategic Intelligence’, with linkages to the relevant ILS clusters and capabilities.


CPM's 360° feedback profiles are produced specifically for the Australian Public Service:

CPM profiles have established norm data based on over 7,000 profiles from across the APS, providing them with a high degree of validity.

Analysis of 360° Feedback Data at the Organisational Level

Once a minimum of 100 or more feedback profiles have been processed for an agency, whether of the tailored or standard ELP, TLP and SLP versions, CPM can provide analyses which compare organisational results with service-wide norms. These analyses can be used to identify development needs within an organisation, or to highlight areas of relative importance to help in designing development course outlines.

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