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Why Use 360° Feedback

360° feedback is a process whereby leaders and staff members can receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people they work with.

The power of 360° feedback as a means of self-awareness stems from its fairness and believability. Feedback from multiple perspectives, and from credible work associates, is powerful in motivating behavioural change.

At the personal level 360° feedback provides individuals with a means of taking stock of how others think they are performing at work, compared with how they themselves think they are performing. 360° feedback is important in that it emphasises self responsibility and encourages self development. The presentation of the feedback information makes drawing up personal development plans much easier.

It enables clear and quantified feedback on strengths and areas needing development. Measurement through feedback also allows continuous learning.

Who Completes the 360° Feedback Questionnaires?

It is best to choose raters who have known the person they are rating for at least six months, although in some circumstances this is not always achievable. The 360° Feedback Profiles requires the completion of at least six and preferably eight questionnaires:

• Self: one questionnaire completed by yourself
• Supervisor: one questionnaire completed by your supervisor
• Another: preferably two or three questionnaires completed by
peers/colleagues and two or three questionnaires by subordinate staff.

Key stakeholders can also be asked to complete the ‘Another’ questionnaire.

360 Feedback