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Coaching Services

Executive coaching is increasingly being recognised as one of the most effective ways to develop exceptional leaders and create dynamic organisations.  CPM offers coaching services which can be integrated with the delivery of our leadership and management programs, or delivered as stand-alone coaching services. 

Executive coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and a coaching client. The intention of coaching is to provide coaching clients with the opportunity and support to identify and fulfil their potential in life and at work.

CPM’s coaches all have extensive public sector experience, reflecting our belief that knowledge of the APS environment is central to the provision of relevant and practical coaching support.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

There are a number of significant benefits that can be derived from Executive Coaching including:

Types of Executive Coaching

Coaching can be effective in delivering on a range of organisational and professional objectives.  CPM can deliver coaching sessions targeted at all of the following areas:

More information about CPM's Coaching Services

A downloadable flyer (PDF) about CPM's coaching services including benefits to the individual and to the organisation is available here.
For more information, please contact the CPM office on (02) 6120 1980 or via